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With over 14 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and a unique background in aesthetics, hair restoration, and breast surgery and breast oncologic reconstruction, Dr. Higdon brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every procedure he performs. At Higdon Plastic Surgery, located in Franklin, TN, Dr. Higdon caters to diverse aesthetic needs, from advanced aesthetic procedures to intricate revision surgeries. Dr. Higdon is grateful to have been able to share his extensive experience while a faculty member at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, enabling him to deliver exceptional results to so many patients over many years and while also mentoring the next generation of plastic surgeons. His commitment to patient care and safety, and his track record of excellence, make him a trusted leader in the field.

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Shaping the Future of the Field

Dr. Higdon's dedication to shaping the future of plastic surgery is evident through his extensive teaching experience and leadership roles. As the director for the inaugural fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Breast and Body Plastic Surgery, he played a pivotal role in designing and establishing a program dedicated to advanced training in all aspects of aesthetics and breast surgery. Dr. Higdon's tenure as a teacher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center spanned over twelve years, during which he imparted invaluable knowledge, skills, and honest care in cosmetic plastic surgery and breast reconstruction plastic surgery to medical students, residents, fellows, and colleagues from across the US and the world.  Dr. Higdon has earned international recognition and prestigious accolades through his commitment to patient care, teaching, leadership, and research, cementing his reputation as a leading authority in aesthetic surgery.

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Professional Affiliations and Leadership Roles

Dr. Higdon's illustrious career as a plastic surgeon is marked by a wealth of leadership roles and prestigious affiliations in plastic surgery. As a distinguished leader and member of The Aesthetic Society and the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he actively contributes to shaping the standards and advancements in aesthetic surgery. Dr. Higdon is a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, one of the most prestigious and exclusive societies within all plastic surgery. His involvement in these and several other plastic surgery societies underscores his dedication to ongoing learning and collaboration with fellow experts in the field. In addition, Dr. Higdon is a member of the editorial board of The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the highest-ranked journal for aesthetic surgery in the world.

Renowned internationally as a speaker on cosmetic surgery, Dr. Higdon shares his expertise and insights with colleagues and aspiring surgeons worldwide, further cementing his reputation as a leading authority in aesthetic surgery.  His tenure as the Former Plastic Surgery Department Vice-Chair, Associate Professor, and Residency and Fellowship Program Director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center reflects his commitment to education, mentorship, and the advancement of the next generation of plastic surgeons. Through his multifaceted contributions and leadership roles, Dr. Higdon continues to shape the landscape of aesthetic surgery and inspire excellence within his profession.

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A Man of Compassion

Driven by a passion for excellence, Dr. Higdon places the utmost importance on patient safety and satisfaction. He begins each patient interaction by listening intently to their concerns and goals, collaborating closely with each patient to craft tailored treatment plans prioritizing safety and optimal results. This commitment to personalized patient care has led to hundreds of 5-star reviews. Dr. Higdon's excellence in patient-centric care is reflected in his multiple Patient Experience Awards from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, alongside multiple nominations for Vanderbilt's annual Patient and Family Choice Award.  Dr. Higdon’s dedication to excellent outcomes and safety in cosmetic surgery resulted in him being one of the very few aesthetic surgeons to be twice named a finalist for the James Barrett Brown award for best research publication worldwide in plastic surgery.  Beyond his practice, he is actively involved in charitable initiatives aimed at supporting breast cancer survivors and military families, further demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

A Unique Specialty: Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Higdon's expertise extends beyond aesthetic surgery to encompass a profound understanding of breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. With a background rooted in aesthetic surgery and breast oncologic reconstruction, he stands at the forefront of assisting breast cancer patients on their journey to recovery. Dr. Higdon offers a comprehensive array of breast reconstruction procedures meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of each patient. Employing advanced techniques and innovative approaches, he focuses on restoring the physical form and nurturing emotional well-being. Dr. Higdon's dedication to personalized care and unwavering commitment to safety make him a trusted ally for patients navigating the complexities of breast cancer diagnosis and recovery. With his guidance and expertise, Dr. Higdon hopes to help patients find solace and empowerment as they embark on their path to healing.

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The choice for your aesthetic needs is a personal one, and we understand the importance of your unique and individual goals. At Higdon Plastic Surgery, you will receive an unparalleled experience – an experience marked with expertise, compassion, and dedication to your aesthetic journey. In choosing Dr. Kye Higdon, you're entrusting your care to a true leader in plastic surgery. Dr. Higdon's extensive experience, exceptional credentials, and commitment to patient-centered care ensure that you'll receive the highest standard of treatment tailored to your unique needs. Whether you seek aesthetic enhancement, hair restoration, breast reconstruction, or any other cosmetic treatment in the Nashville metro area and beyond, Dr. Higdon's expertise and innovative techniques will guide you toward transformative results. Don't wait to take the first step towards a more confident and rejuvenated you. Schedule your consultation with Higdon Plastic Surgery in Franklin, TN, today.

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