Dr. Higdon and staff are hands down the best team!! After hard work and dedication I lost over 165lbs which left me with hanging skin all over. Dr. Higdon worked his magic doing a fluer-de- lis abdominoplasty. I went in thinking this was going to be a hard recovery but to my surprise I had zero pain, no complications and my results look amazing and I am only 3 weeks post-op!! I cannot thank this team enough and so excited for the next leg of our journey together.

Emilee A.

Dr Higdon is a wonderful surgeon. He's very caring and comforting. His office staff is wonderful also. I've already recommended him to my friends and family,  and will definitely use him again. Thank you Dr. Higdon for making me feel great about body

Christina H.

Dr. Higdon was great! He has excellent bedside manners and answers all concerns you or your family may have about procedures. My surgery results are great!  I was impressed with his post-operative care regiment as well. The best ever for my needs!  All staff involved were professional, caring, and so kind.  I would highly recommend his services.

Rachel H.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Kent Higdon as my doctor. He was with me during the most difficult time I have ever faced. I have had 3 surgeries with him and he is a wonderful doctor and person. He is extremely patient and encouraging and he has always taken the time to explain everything and answered all my questions thoroughly. Not once, have I ever felt rushed during my appointments.

Sherry S.

Dr. Higdon performed a breast implant revision on me and though both 27 year old implants had ruptured and I had an excessive amount of scar tissue, he was able to clean it all up and give me a result I couldn't be happier with.  He has been very professional yet warm and friendly.  I would recommend Dr. Higdon to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

Carol K.

Dr Higdon is an amazing surgeon with outstanding bedside manner. I was seen for a breast reduction paid for by insurance. The results were extremely satisfying. I could tell by my results he spent a lot of time in the OR to give me a perfect lift and symmetrical results. My pain level post-surgery was very manageable and by day three post op I was able to just take over-the-counter pain medicine every 8 hours.  I was also able to resume daily activities within my lifting restrictions and sleeping very well.  I would definitely recommend him due to his attention to detail and bedside manner.

Christina J.

Dr. Higdon was amazing!!! I had a tummy tuck and Lipo in multiple areas, So I was expecting a lot of pain after surgery. I’m over a week out and I have not had any pain whatsoever. I am very impressed considering everyone I’ve talked to said that they were in a lot of pain. I will definitely go back to Dr. Higdon for any other needs!

Janelle H.

I'm not able to fully put into words how impressed I was/am by Dr. Higdon. He is a brilliant surgeon and his bedside manner is warm and comforting. I underwent a breast lift and a tummy tuck and I LOVE my results. I'm only six weeks out, but I am very pleased. My recovery has been much better than I anticipated and I believe so much of that comes from how well the surgery was completed. Not only Dr. Higdon, but his staff as well are wonderful. I have emailed them several times (to the point of annoying) and they were always prompt in their response and so kind and compassionate. I would 100% recommend Dr. Higdon and his staff to anyone contemplating any plastic surgery. He really takes his time and is very thorough which made me feel very valued & cared for as a patient. His skills as a surgeon are great, but his level of compassion and care for his patients is unlike any I've experienced with other doctors. I highly recommend him.

Heather L.

Dr. Higdon and all his staff are amazing!!! I had been needing a breast reduction for a long time but was hoping insurance would cover it. They took care of everything from the beginning to now. The communication was exceptional and the level of care was more than I even expected. If you are considering plastic surgery, this is the doctor for you!!!

Lauren M.

Dr. Higdon performed my breast augmentation almost six months ago, and I couldn't be any happier with my results. Everything went well, and Dr. Higdon and his team are the best! I always felt comfortable and taken care of with his team, and I couldn't recommend him enough!

Camryn K.

Dr. Higdon is AMAZING, and so is his staff. His office was right on time. He is down to earth and has the best bedside manner! I had a breast reduction. He answered every question I forgot to ask. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to my family and friends!

Lora W.

I recently saw Dr. Higdon for bilateral breast surgery. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Dr. Higdon for the extraordinary care I was given before, during, and after my breast surgery. He immediately calmed my fears with his compassionate and caring demeanor. His wisdom is surpassed only by the generosity of his time. He ensures you are informed every step and alleviates any fears you may be experiencing. The results far exceeded my expectations. I felt compelled to recognize Dr. Higdon as it is rare for a doctor to be as gifted as he is and still provide compassionate and quality care.

Karen M.

In 2013, when searching for a plastic surgeon to perform the numerous surgeries required for bilateral breast reconstruction, I knew I preferred a caring, personable, highly skilled doctor, and when we met Dr. Higdon at Vanderbilt, my husband and I agreed he was the plastic surgeon for me. My husband and I always asked lots of questions and even made notes during every medical visit. Dr. Higdon and his staff answered all of our questions. Without giving lots of detail, my case is complicated. On two occasions when unexpected issues required emergency care, Dr. Higdon responded quickly and took good care of my needs. He required physicians training under him to provide the same high level of care and responsiveness. I followed Dr. Higdon's instructions throughout the numerous surgeries, and my husband and I are very pleased with the results. It is 2022, and Dr. Higdon continues to be my plastic surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Higdon.


Dr. Higdon thoroughly answered all of my questions and my husband's. He provided details on how the procedure would go for me and gave me time to decide if I wanted to proceed. All of my appointments were on time, including my procedure. I am so happy with my results post-surgery, especially with the immediate pain relief and confidence boost. I do not regret picking Dr. Higdon myself for the procedure. He is the guy for the job. If I have any procedure in the future, I hope it will be with him.

L. Stanley

I recently had the privilege of undergoing my third plastic surgery procedure (my first with Dr. Higdon), and I can confidently say that this experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I walked into the office, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism that instantly put me at ease. Dr. Higdon is not only a master of his craft but is also the kindest person. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of my treatment. The procedure was executed with precision, and I was amazed to find that I experienced absolutely no pain or complications throughout the entire process. What truly sets this practice apart, however, is the extraordinary level of care I received. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and well-being, making me feel like I was in the most capable hands possible. The post-surgery follow-ups are thorough and attentive, reinforcing the commitment to patient care. In summary, my third experience with plastic surgery was a revelation to what the PS experience should be, and I have Dr. Higdon and their wonderful team to thank for it. If you're seeking a plastic surgeon who combines expertise, compassion, and a pain-free experience, look no further.

Marissa H.

Dr. Higdon gave me the best care I could have ever expected. He was very professional and personable during all my surgeries and appointments. My breast reconstruction turned out great. My breasts are a normal shape, average size, and I don't have any thick scars. I'm very pleased an grateful that Dr. Higdon is my plastic surgeon for my breast reconstruction. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Becky Z.

Wonderful, Experienced and Amazing Surgeon. Highly Recommended!!
My journey began in February when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I required bilateral mastectomies because of the breast cancer and as preventive care. Among my first thoughts were what will I do and how will I look and feel with my natural breasts removed. During my initial appointment Dr. Higdon explained all the options that were available for breast cancer reconstruction. He described the procedures and the possible outcomes and addressed all concerns. Together a plan was created and today I am amazed at how wonderful my reconstructed breasts look. I feel like a new confident woman. I cannot thank enough Dr. Higdon and his staff for their professionalism, warmth and support. They were informative and provided all necessary information to make my surgery a success. I am especially thankful to Dr. Higdon for all his hard work and the effort he put into my reconstruction and making me feel whole again.

Ms. C

Dr. Higdon and his staff made my breast surgery (pre and post) and easy transition. He is very kind and professional, along with his staff. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of excellent care. I have only positive feedback to give for Dr. Higdon and when I need any future care, I will be a return patient with him.

Lisa T.

Dr. Higdon is a wonderful surgeon! He did the oncoplasty reconstruction after my lumpectomy, and he did an awesome job. He's very easy to speak with and his explanation of the surgery was detailed and easy to understand. I never thought I would be able to say after this journey that I loved my breasts, but I do, "we" look fabulous! Thank you Dr. Higdon!

Jeri R.

Dr. Higdon did an amazing job on my breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. He gave me exactly what I asked for and was always honest, caring, and upbeat. After a devastating breast cancer diagnosis, his expertise, care, and concern for my well-being and happiness were paramount to both my physical and emotional healing. I trust him completely and will remain his patient for the other procedures on my wish list!

Slone C.

Dr. Higdon was fantastic. I was super pleased with the whole process. When you undergo a major change like a double mastectomy with reconstruction, it's very easy to feel unsure of so many things. Dr. Higdon and his staff were amazing with any issues that came up and helped me regain the most normal appearance after my surgeries. If anything my breasts look better than they did before my surgery and any concerns I had, he was right there to answer them and make a change as needed. I highly recommend having him manage your journey through your mastectomy and reconstruction. Dr. Higdon helped me live a life now without worry given my risks and family history with genetic screenings.

Stephaine S.

Dr. Higdon is the most incredible plastic surgeon on the planet!! He is an amazing artist and can literally create beauty from nothing. He did my breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy.  I never thought I would be the same.... he not only created breasts but he made them beautiful and the scars are barely noticeable.  But the best thing about Dr. Higdon is he is an amazing person. He actually CARES FOR HIS PATIENTS! He never comes into an appointment with out giving me a hug, he listens to my worries, and concerns and held me when I cried. He TAKES TIME with you. And his nurse Amanda is an absolute blessing!!! I love her too! They made sure I had absolutely NO REGRETS!!!

Nicole Y.

Dr. Higdon took great care of me through my surgeries.  His warmth and positive attitude saw me through many tough days.  His expertise as a surgeon brought me great confidence.  I loved how extremely conscientious he is about preventing infection.  I have needed five surgeries and have sailed through all of them without any infections!  I was paired with a great surgeon who I am always happy to see and I highly recommend.  I love Dr. Higdon!

Carrie C.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kye Higdon. I had a single mastectomy after breast cancer and was simply looking for symmetry.  Dr. Higdon really listens to what YOU want. He is a straight shooter about procedures and risks, yet kind and compassionate. Not the stereotypical surgeon! I never had to wait long at appointments, and Dr. Higdon took time to answer any questions I had. Although he has a very busy practice, I never felt like he rushed through our visits. The outcome of my surgery was nothing short of a miracle. At 3 weeks post-op, the results are amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Anne L.

I was diagnosed with DCIS and IMC of the left breast. Dr. Higdon did a remarkable job of reconstruction from the Oncoplasty. He was very caring and kept me informed of everything that would need to be done. His post surgery instructions and information about what radiation therapy would involve and how to care for the radiated area made me feel peaceful and confident all would be well.  In the follow up visits Dr. Higdon exhibited the same care and concern asking if I had any questions and took the time to answer fully. IF the cancer ever returns he will definitely be on my care team.  I recommend him with the utmost confidence that you will receive the best care possible.

Dorothy S.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Higdon. He had a difficult task on his hands with reconstruction due to a previous surgery (done by another surgeon). He was very patient with me and walked me through everything we would be doing. I am a week out from surgery now and could not be more pleased with my results. For the first time in a very long time I will no longer have to be insecure about my breasts and can comfortably wear bras and clothes.  All of the staff that cared for me during surgery were so caring and I honestly could not have had a better experience. I highly recommend Dr. Higdon.

Julia D.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. After undergoing 5 months of chemotherapy, partial mastectomy was an option in my right breast. I met with Dr. Higdon for consultation on breast reduction on the left and oncoplasty on right. He is a phenomenal surgeon. He is also very caring and strives to please his patients. He told me that "if my patients are happy, I am happy." After my surgery, I am very pleased with the results. His work restored some joy to me because my breasts do not look like those of someone that has undergone a breast cancer diagnosis and surgery. I would recommend him to any other women with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Tiffany N.

Dr. Higdon has truly been blessed with a glorious gift from God.  He was such a class act, very caring and consistently professional in all aspects.  He worked diligently to make me feel comfortable throughout the entire process of reconstructing my breast.  It was very easy to believe in Dr. Higdon's skills and abilities...because he does (and NOT in an arrogant way).  His confidence helped me get BACK my confidence. My experience culminated with kicking breast cancer's butt and ending up a beautiful pair of breasts.  I love my breast and I love Dr. Higdon.  I, truly, didn't expect such wonderful results!

Thank you Dr. Higdon!!

Melinda S.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Higdon!  What a genuine nice guy and a great surgeon.  I drove 3 hours each way to be operated and treated for a botched surgery by a Memphis doctor 5 months  ago.  Dr. Higdon did a beautiful job repairing all of the mistakes and restored my self confidence and my body.   If you are searching for a professional plastic surgeon who is an expert in reconstruction, go see Dr Higdon.   He takes time to discuss all options and his staff is GREAT!   A different level of care .  He is THE Best!!!!

Beth R.

We had an awesome experience with Dr. Higdon. He was very personable and thorough throughout my journey. No one wants to have to go through reconstruction after breast cancer, but he was there every time to answer any questions that I had. He was very punctual, very professional, always kind and sometimes even funny. Even if he is an Alabama alumni, I would still recommend him above all others. We were more than pleased with his work.

Terri K.

Dr. Higdon is an incredible surgeon and an inspiring and motivating individual. Beyond his meticulous skill as a surgeon, he is truly an innovative artist, who works with the patient to achieve results that supersede your expectations! Highly recommend him, his work is such that you can soon forget you ever had any kind of otherwise, detrimental diagnosis. A blessing to his patients and a valuable asset to Vanderbilt!

Ronda B.

After a total mastectomy for breast cancer, the plastic surgeon, whom my surgeon had previously chosen, inserted expanders for my ongoing reconstruction. After healing, I had already decided that I wanted a second opinion of my primary reconstruction. I was told Dr. Kent K. (Kye) Higdon is the best. After his thorough examination and explanation, I was scheduled for a new total reconstruction, which I knew I needed. I am so very happy with my new reconstruction. Dr. Higdon is a wonderfully personable, compassionate, and professional doctor. His personality is also reflected through his staff.

Janice W.

My experience with Dr. Higdon at Vanderbilt Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery exceeded my expectations. I am an 8 year cancer survivor. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction at that time with a different doctor. When it was time to have the reconstruction revised I was given Dr. Higdon’s name. He did an amazing job. I’m very happy with my results.

Debbie B.

I had breast cancer which resulted in a double mastectomy.   Dr. Hood and Dr. Higdon worked back to back allowing for just one surgery at that time.  (and I didn't wake up flat!)  After chemo, I had my permanent implants put in.  Dr. Higdon is very personable and genuinely cares about his patients.
He did an excellent job of putting me back together!!

Wendy G.

In the past 10 months, Dr. Higdon has performed 3 breast surgeries on me including a DIEP reconstruction.  Seeing Dr. Higdon at Vanderbilt is 540 miles round-trip from home for me and worth every mile of the drive.  He is a top-notch breast reconstruction surgeon and a very caring person.  I am extremely blessed to have him as my doctor.  I have total trust in his expertise as a surgeon and the excellent care he provides.  My recent surgery was liposuction and fat grafting, and I had seen liposuction listed online as one of the 7 most painful surgeries.   I am now 2nd-week post-op and the pain and recovery from this out-patient surgery was no big deal.  After having Dr. Higdon perform 2 major breast surgeries and 1 minor revision in less than a year, I have experienced a great outcome from his surgical skill and excellent care from him and his staff.

Christine M.

Dr. Higdon is pure magic with his hands, personality, his caring nature & his love for his patients. I call him "Superman" because he is. Clark Kent only wishes he was as good as Dr. Higdon. I never had any problems during my recovery from my double mastectomy with reconstruction. His compassion is palpable and, during the worst time of my life, he was a bright light. To say he is the best Dr. to go to for treatment is an understatement. My reconstructed breasts look better than anything I have ever seen. I love them more than my original breasts in every way. Thank you Superman!

Laura H.

Dr. Higdon is EXCEPTIONAL...PERIOD! When you hear the words "You have breast cancer" and your option is a bi-laterial mastectomy a million questions run through your mind as you look for a new normal. Dr. Hidgon and his amazing staff (Amanda ROCKS!) have been there for me every step of reconstruction and aftercare. He answered my questions with knowledge, expertise, compassion and honesty. He helped me determine what was best for my body type to look "normal" again. He cared for me through two surgeries and had me completely comfortable before and after. I've been under his care for over a year and I could not ask for more. My cancer journey has been amazingly positive and Dr. Higdon and his staff are a large part of the reason why. I would choose Dr. Higdon for all of my surgical needs!

Adina B.

I would highly recommend Dr K Higdon. I met him first for a consultation for breast cancer reconstruction in Oct 2015. I was overwhelmed with all of the options for reconstruction and treatment and just scared and hoping to get decent results . He has far exceeded my expectations. He explained the options very clearly and helped me get a reconstruction plan together . He is very detail oriented and wants you to have the beat results. I have since the first consultation seen him many times since and he is always reassuring and compassionate . If I had a question he or his NP Amanda answer right away in the My Health portal. My results are so much better than I had anticipated.! My incision line is placed so it doesn’t even show in a swimsuit !! I couldn’t be more grateful  that I placed my care with Dr Higdon. I don’t even care to drive the 2 hours to see him and wouldn’t want to see anyone else!   He is the real deal! I thank God for him and his skills.

Sherry B.

Posting for my sister Amy Terry - Dr. Higdon completely changed my life. After a year and a half of failed surgeries for reconstruction after my  bilateral mastectomy, Dr. Higdon not only gave  me hope, but restored my dreams of putting the cancer behind me. After my DIEP surgery, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, that I may feel whole again. My body has been through nine surgeries in less than two years. Now that I’ve completed my lipo with contouring, I am even more blessed than I ever thought I could be. Dr. Higdon is an amazing surgeon and kept me looking forward to my end goal, explaining every detail every step of the way. Not only has he fixed my body, but he has repaired my self image and my outlook on my future. Thank you Dr. Higdon for everything . You are amazing and worth every 6 hour drive we made!

Julie R.

I had two previous bad experiences with breast reconstruction. The first time I had capsular contractions and they ruptured (1973).

The second reconstruction, the implants migrated and we're actually under my arms. I could not rest my arms at my side. (1991)

I came to see Dr Hidgon In 2016. I was skeptical, nervous....I didn't know what to expect.
Dr Higdon gave me beautiful reconstructed breasts, with absolutely no issues.
I would definitely recommend Dr Higdon!

Vicki J.

As I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my appointment, which is always on time, I overheard a lady say “Oh my favorite doctor.” I looked up to see that she was speaking to Dr. Higdon, who had just stepped into the office. I thought to myself, “I second that”. Really can’t say enough great things about Dr. Higdon, his nurse and staff. He truly cares for his patients and it shows, from his bedside manner, to his exceptional results. I was so amazed at how natural my new shape was and after only a couple of months, the scars are barely visible. I would recommend this very remarkable physician 10x over to anyone.

Mary S.

I was referred to Dr Higdon at Vanderbilt by Nurse Mary in the breast care Center. I had a prophylactic double mastectomy seven years ago with reconstruction, expanders then implants. The implants were under the muscle and.have moved around along with a few other issues. Upon seeing Dr Higdon he agreed that there are definite issues and explain to me what he could do to help. He is teaching and using  a new procedure “Converted to prepectoral implant reconstruction”. In easy terms, moved the new implants after reconstruction to above the muscle and tucked them in tight. He also was able to use my own fat to fill the gaps on my chest. I put off seeing a doctor for several years just because I was afraid of what I might have to go through. Then meeting with Dr Higdon, his bedside manner is truly an angel heaven sent. He listens, ,he asked questions,  he offers ideas, and is a prayerful partner before he does surgery. He is very thorough, kind, considerate to his patient and to those you have with you. I would highly recommend him at any stage of needing breast construction, he will certainly be humbled to meet you and glad to assist you.

Vicki S.

From the start of my breast cancer diagnosis, Dr. Higdon has been there. He has walked with me,  through this whole process and has made sure I gained my confidence back. If i ever have any questions or concerns he has made sure to address them right then, which i think is rare.
I'm so glad that Dr. Higdon has been my doctor,  I truly feel like he's been a God sent!

Jackie F.

Dr. Higdon performed a bilateral mastectomy on me on November 14th, 2019. I stopped using the prescribed medications on Sunday the 17th. I’ve had little to no pain. Definitely had some soreness the first three days but that was mostly due to the drains. I was super impressed with how soon I was able to comfortably come off the meds. It also helps that he doesn’t prescribe anything to make you feel more tires or extra weighed down if that makes sense. Once the anesthesia was out of my system completely I pretty much felt good as new. Have zero complaints thus far in recovery and would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Dean T.

Dr Higdon and his team performed my DIEP flap Reconstruction and revision surgeries.  I have had wonderful experiences both with him and his team AND the staff at Vanderbilt Hospital and Vanderbilt Keck FEL Outpatient Surgery Center.  Each time I visit I feel as if I'm a friend coming in to see an old friend who has a gift for me.  Wonderful results, wonderful atmosphere, and very selective to insure the best outcomes.

Dalynn C.

Dr. Higdon recently performed breast reconstruction using the DIEP flap procedure. He thoroughly explained the procedure and made me feel at ease.  I was anticipating a difficult  and painful recovery.  To my amazement, I didn’t require even one pain pill!  The results are excellent.  I am very pleased with the procedure and Dr.Higdon’s skill as a surgeon.

Carmen Y.

Dr. Higdon was my plastic surgeon for my 3 reconstructive surgeries following my prophylactic double mastectomy is December of 2017. Not only is he a fantastic surgeon whose skills changed/helped save my life and ensured that I could feel like myself again following my mastectomy, he is an incredibly kind and fun person to be around. I have been a patient of Dr. Higdon’s for two years and every time I see him I leave my appointment grateful that he is my doctor. He has been sensitive to all of my concerns about the medical side of my experience, answers all of my questions during my appointments (and even the questions I have two hours after my appointment when I send him a message in the MyHealth portal because I forgot to ask something) and I can always count on him to joke around with me during my appointments which was immensely helpful and life-giving during what can only be described as a very difficult and often awkward season of my life. The dad jokes are REAL (and awesome!) plus the results look great. I rave about him and my reconstructed boobs to everyone I know and I would be friends with him in real life if that weren’t weird. Hire him, you won’t regret it.

Ella B.

I had a breast reduction. Something I really thought I would never do. But I suffered long enough with neck, shoulder and back pain as well as other symptoms to finally get it done. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I just wish I had done it about forty years ago! I finally wear the same size clothes top and bottom. I have no back pain. I have better balance, feel lighter, fitter, more confident and happier! Dr. Higdon and his staff were so kind and reassuring during it all too, that they took my dear and worries away!

Kathryn C.

I have undergone breast reconstructive surgery with DR. KENT HIGDON FIVE YEARS AGO. I was vert pleased with his bedside manner. He was always upbeat  abd gave me a positive  feeling. I had cancer and it was a scarey time. But I was always treated with a caring  staff of nurses abd a great doctor. He was always smiling WHICH  made me feel I would be great. Thank you for your time to read my 5 star review!

Helene W.

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