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Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and the mere passage of time can lead to changes in breast shape, volume, and firmness, causing many women to feel self-conscious or dissatisfied with their appearance. If you feel deflated when looking at your chest, stepping out into the world as your best self can be challenging. With the advanced techniques offered by Dr. Kye Higdon and his team at Higdon Plastic Surgery – located in the Nashville metropolitan area – you can regain your figure and embrace newfound confidence. With innumerable breast augmentation with lift procedures under his belt and years of performing and teaching this procedure as a fellowship director, Dr. Higdon delivers unparalleled results with advanced techniques and exceptional care.

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What Is a Breast Augmentation with Lift?

Breast augmentation with lift, or augmentation-mastopexy, is a transformative procedure designed to enhance breast volume, shape, and position. By combining the benefits of breast augmentation with the lifting capabilities of a mastopexy, this surgery can address multiple concerns in a single comprehensive treatment. During the procedure, implants or autologous fat grafting are utilized to increase breast size and fullness. At the same time, excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is reshaped to achieve a firmer, more youthful appearance. This combination approach allows you to achieve your desired breast aesthetic with enhanced symmetry, contour, and projection.

The Benefits of a Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast augmentation with lift in Nashville & Franklin, TN at Higdon Plastic Surgery offers many benefits, including the following:

Enhanced Breast Volume and Shape

Achieve fuller, more symmetrical breasts with improved projection and contour.

Youthful Lift

Restore a more youthful breast position and firmness by eliminating sagging or drooping.

Improved Body Proportion

Achieve balance and harmony with your overall physique by enhancing breast size and shape.

Customized Results

Tailored treatment plans allow personalized augmentation and lifting techniques to suit your unique aesthetic goals.

Single Surgical Session

Combining augmentation with lift reduces the need for multiple surgeries, decreasing recovery time and potentially lowering overall costs.

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Is a Breast Augmentation with Lift Right for Me?

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation with lift are women who have experienced changes in breast shape, volume, or position due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or aging. Symptoms such as breast sagging, loss of volume, asymmetry, or dissatisfaction with breast appearance can often be effectively addressed with this procedure.

The best way to determine if breast augmentation with lift in Nashville & Franklin, TN at Higdon Plastic Surgery is the best approach for your needs is through a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Higdon will listen to your goals and concerns during this consultation and create a tailored treatment. Dr. Higdon's commitment is to help you thoroughly understand all aspects of the augmentation-mastopexy procedure and to leave you feeling confident.

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What to Expect The Breast Augmentation with Lift Procedure

During a breast augmentation with lift, several key steps are involved to achieve the desired outcome. Firstly, you will undergo anesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. Once you are comfortably sedated, Dr. Higdon begins by making careful incisions according to the predetermined surgical plan. These incisions may vary depending on the specific technique chosen and the extent of correction needed.

Next, Dr. Higdon carefully lifts and reshapes the breast tissue, repositioning the nipple and areola as necessary to create a more youthful and lifted appearance. When breast implants are being used to augment the size and shape of the breasts, they are carefully inserted into a pocket created either beneath the chest muscle (submuscular or subpectoral) or directly behind the breast tissue deep to the breast fascia (subfascial).  Once the implants are in place and the desired volume and contour are achieved, Dr. Higdon meticulously closes the incisions, using sutures to ensure optimal healing and minimal scarring.

Alternatively, fat grafting can also be chosen as the method of augmentation using your body’s own fat instead of an implant. In that case, Dr. Higdon harvests fat from one area of the body using tiny incisions with liposuction, and carefully purifies and injects the fat into the breasts to enhance volume and shape. This technique offers the advantage of using natural tissue from the patient's body, resulting in a natural look and feel without the need for implants.

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Higdon pays close attention to detail, striving to create symmetrical and natural-looking results that align with the patient's aesthetic goals. Overall, the breast augmentation with lift procedure typically takes 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the case and any additional procedures being performed concurrently. Following the procedure, patients are closely monitored as they recover from anesthesia before being discharged to begin their recovery process.

Should I Choose Saline or Silicone Implants (or Fat Grafting)?

When considering breast augmentation with lift, you have the option to choose between saline and silicone implants, each with its own set of characteristics and benefits.

  • Saline implants are a silicone shell that is filled with a sterile saline solution, offering a firm yet natural feel to the touch. One advantage of saline implants is that in the rare event of a rupture or leak, the saline solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body. Additionally, saline implants typically require a smaller incision for insertion, resulting in potentially smaller scars.
  • Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel that closely mimics the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Many patients appreciate silicone implants' softer, more natural feel, which can provide a more aesthetically pleasing result, particularly in thinner individuals or those with less breast tissue. Silicone implants are also less prone to rippling or wrinkling than saline implants.

Ultimately, the choice between saline and silicone implants depends on individual preferences, body type, and desired outcomes. In addition to saline and silicone implants, patients undergoing breast augmentation with lift may also have the option to consider fat grafting as an alternative.

  • Fat grafting involves harvesting fat from one body area, typically through liposuction, and transferring it to the breasts to enhance volume and shape. This technique offers the advantage of augmenting breast volume using natural tissue from the patient's body, resulting in a natural look and feel.

During your consultation with Dr. Higdon, based in Franklin, TN, and serving patients from nearby Brentwood, Cool Springs, and Nashville, he will discuss the benefits and considerations of fat grafting, along with saline and silicone implants, to help you determine the best option for achieving your desired aesthetic outcome.

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Breast Augmentation with Lift Recovery

Recovery following a breast augmentation with lift procedure typically involves several phases, each with its timeline and specific instructions. Initially, patients spend a brief period in the recovery area postoperatively, typically less than an hour, before being discharged to go home. Dr. Higdon uses advanced prescribing methods that he helped develop, with a multi-modal analgesia approach that minimizes the need for narcotic prescriptions for his patients after surgery.  During the first few weeks, sleeping on your back in a reclined position is important to minimize strain on the healing breast tissue. Lifting restrictions are typically in place for 6-8 weeks to ensure optimal healing and prevent complications.

While walking is encouraged after the first week, it is advisable to refrain from full exercise until a couple of months post-surgery. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Higdon and his team are scheduled regularly, starting with the first appointment, usually within a week after the procedure. These appointments allow monitoring progress, addressing any concerns, and providing guidance on scar treatment using silicone sheets, silicone gel, or moisturizing solutions. Overall, the recovery process for breast augmentation with lift is carefully managed to ensure a smooth and successful outcome for each patient.

Why Choose Higdon Plastic Surgery?

When considering a breast augmentation with lift, entrusting your care to Higdon Plastic Surgery, located near Nashville in Franklin, TN, means benefiting from the unparalleled expertise of Dr. Higdon. Dr. Kye Higdon is at the forefront of breast surgery innovation with a wealth of experience gained from performing thousands of successful procedures and years of teaching aesthetic and breast plastic surgery as a program director and fellowship director. His groundbreaking research and publications have improved the safety and outcomes of these procedures and earned him international recognition. At Higdon Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results while prioritizing your safety and satisfaction. Experience personalized care and expert guidance as we help you rediscover your confidence. Embark on your transformative journey and schedule your consultation with Dr. Higdon and our dedicated team today.

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