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Embarking on the path of breast restoration after previous surgeries can be emotionally daunting for patients, especially when feeling dissatisfied or insecure about their initial outcomes. We understand the unique challenges and concerns of seeking revision breast reconstruction surgery in the Nashville & Franklin, TN area at Higdon Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kye Higdon's specialized expertise in aesthetic breast surgery and breast oncologic reconstruction equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of revision procedures. With our compassionate approach and commitment to excellence, we provide personalized solutions to correct previous issues, restoring the physical appearance of your chest while enhancing your confidence and peace of mind as you journey toward complete healing.

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What Is Revision Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Revision breast reconstruction surgery addresses complications, shape and symmetry concerns, or unsatisfactory outcomes from previous breast reconstruction procedures. We may correct implant malposition, replace aging implants, address capsular contracture, revise scars, fill in areas of deformity or deficiency, or improve breast symmetry. Revision breast surgery aims to address patient concerns, optimize breast appearance, and restore confidence and satisfaction following initial reconstruction. Dr. Higdon's expertise in aesthetic breast surgery and breast oncologic reconstruction enables him to tailor revision procedures to each patient's unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes and quality of life after breast cancer treatment.

The Benefits of Revision Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Revision breast reconstruction surgery by Dr. Kye Higdon offers several benefits for patients seeking to optimize their breast reconstruction outcomes, including:

Correct Previous Complications

Revision surgery allows for the correction of complications or issues that may have arisen following initial breast reconstruction procedures, such as implant malposition, capsular contracture, or asymmetry.

Tailored Solutions

Each revision surgery is customized to address the patient's specific concerns and goals, ensuring that the reconstructed breasts meet their expectations for appearance and symmetry.

Restored Confidence

Revision procedures refine the results of previous reconstruction surgeries, helping patients feel more confident and satisfied with their breast appearance and supporting their emotional healing and recovery journey.

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Is Revision Breast Reconstruction Surgery Right for Me?

Revision breast reconstruction surgery may be appropriate for individuals who have previously undergone breast reconstruction but are unsatisfied with the results or have encountered complications. Ideal candidates for this procedure are healthy patients who may experience issues such as implant malposition, capsular contracture, aging implants, implant rupture, or asymmetry between the breasts. Emotional concerns related to dissatisfaction with breast appearance or discomfort with the reconstruction outcomes may also indicate a need for revision surgery. If you're thinking about undergoing revision breast reconstruction in Nashville & Franklin, TN, we recommend scheduling your consultation with Dr. Higdon at Higdon Plastic Surgery now. A consultation is essential to assess your concerns and determine suitability for revision reconstruction. Dr. Higdon will comprehensively evaluate your anatomy, medical history, and previous surgical outcomes, discussing the options available to address your needs and achieve the desired results.

What to Expect The Revision Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Revision breast reconstruction surgery is tailored to address specific concerns or complications that may arise following initial reconstruction procedures, including correcting implant malposition, addressing capsular contracture, replacing or adjusting implants, filling in areas of defect or deficiency, or revising scars to improve aesthetic outcomes. The procedure is personalized to your needs and may involve combining surgical techniques to achieve the desired results.

Revision reconstruction surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and may vary in duration depending on the complexity of the revision required. The surgery aims to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the reconstructed breast and improve patient satisfaction and confidence. Dr. Higdon employs advanced surgical techniques and meticulous attention to detail to ensure successful outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Revision Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Recovery from revision breast reconstruction varies depending on the specific procedures performed and individual healing factors. You may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising following surgery, which can be managed with prescribed medications.  Dr. Higdon uses advanced prescribing methods that he helped develop, with a multi-modal analgesia approach that minimizes the need for narcotic prescriptions for his patients after surgery.  Following Dr. Higdon's postoperative instructions is important to promote optimal healing and minimize complications. Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor progress, assess the results, and address concerns. We advise patients to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting during the initial recovery period to allow tissues to heal properly. With time, swelling will diminish, and the final results of the breast reconstruction revision will become more apparent. Most individuals can gradually resume their normal activities within a few weeks, but it's essential to adhere to Dr. Higdon's recommendations for a successful recovery. Our team is prepared to support you through your recovery, so please get in touch with Higdon Plastic Surgery with any questions that arise as you heal.

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Why Choose Higdon Plastic Surgery?

At Higdon Plastic Surgery, we recognize that the decision to undergo revision breast reconstruction surgery can be filled with uncertainty and emotional challenges. Dr. Higdon's expertise in breast reconstruction and his dedication to patient-centered care make our practice the ideal choice for those seeking revision surgery. If you're facing complications from previous surgeries and self-esteem issues, Dr. Higdon's meticulous approach and commitment to excellence ensure you receive the highest quality of care. Our patients trust us to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout their revision journey, helping them achieve their desired results. If you're ready to explore your options for revision breast reconstruction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Higdon at Higdon Plastic Surgery in Franklin, TN, now.

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